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What are our main objectives in Groningen?

In the COP4HL Groningen, the shared objective or goal is stimulating a healthy environment from a human centered approach. The COP is situated in the Europapark neighborhood and is embedded in the overall strategy of the city of Groningen and the Hanze University to develop a healthy city by using the diversity of ‘public and private’, ‘professionals and end-users’, ‘students and lecturers’.

Why is this a concern to our community?

Groningen is a medium size city in the Northern part of the Netherlands and is special in that it is a university city. One of the newly develop neighborhoods is Europapark. Europapark is situated at the Southeast side of city center of Groningen for which in 1995 a new vision has been created which resulted into space for the building of a new soccer stadium together with new houses and offices. The nature of the neighborhood was changed from an industrial area to a place where people could live, work and recreate. This led to the need to develop a holistic approach on active and healthy lifestyle that it goes beyond exercise and a healthy diet.

What are highlight activities in Groningen?

  • Analyse the ecosystem of the Europapark
  • Create a learning network
  • Create ownership by the neighbourhood
  • Prototyping new ideas
  • Realise the innovations
  • Evaluate the proces

Who are our community partners?





Harold Hofenk

Hanze University of Applied Science Groningen