Local COP4HL Kaunas

What are our main objectives in Kaunas?

The COP4HL Kaunas is aiming at stimulating a healthy lifestyle in the Kaunas District Municipality, a rural area. For is, it provides more opportunities for exercising and physical activity for primary school children and Kaunas district community members who are older than 50 years.

Why is this a concern to our community?

Results from the monitoring phase regarding the local needs and asset demonstrated that the shared goal focuses on two groups:
1) Primary school children, though most of them are physically active enough, still need to maintain their habit to be physically active through later years;
2) People 50+ because they are mainly inactive and lack opportunities to have organized physical activities living in rural area as Kaunas District, not in the city.
So, free physical activity opportunities both live and online are the best options to engage into active lifestyle.

What are upcoming activities in Kaunas?

  • To identify leaders in communities who are able to bring together people of all ages and independently organize and perform physical activities.
  • Due to ​the pandemic situation, the physical activities for the Kaunas region’s seniors have been suspended, so the challenge for our COP is to individualize training by using digital technologies.
  • Adaptation of online training sessions for groups of seniors for all ages.
  • Due to the pandemic situation, more attention of the COP activities is being paid on research related to the promotion of physical activity in children. 

Who are our community partners?





Vida Cesnaitiene

Lithuanian Sports University