Local COP4HL Odense

What are our main objectives?

The focus of our local community of practice is on “making all senior people live a healthy lifestyle, through better trained professionals”.
For that proper and up-to-date education material will be developed for students targeting all senior community dwelling older people no matter their socioeconomic background. This so-called intermediary approach focuses on develop, pilot test and roll out of new learning material.

Why is this a concern to our community?

Senior people in the age group of 65 and above need high-quality physical activity program opportunities in order to remain healthy through old age – for example reducing the risk of falling by postponing the natural functional impairment that comes with age.
Whilst a part of the target group is already physically active – for instance those who can afford existing in-house options and who are able to transport themselves. Other shares of the target group are not able to transport themselves and therefore the reach-out initiatives are very interesting in this perspective
To realize this, well-educated instructors are needed in order to produce suited classes of physical activity for senior citizens. However, Education development and a broader selection of possible initiatives that are workable for municipal partners.

What are our highlighted activities?

The co-creation of an a tailored educational program targeting both the University sector and the Fitness Franchise sector whilst being relevant for the Municipality sector. The services developed and established are grounded on three core principles:
(1) It is effective for the target group (people aged 65+);
(2) It is usable and relevant for the public sector (mainly municipalities) by delivering quality at a reasonable price; and
(3)  It is interesting and usable for a private partner like F&S.

Who are our community partners?




Danielle Louise Nørager Johansen

University of Southern Denmark