Yanuz Social Innovation Learning Space

One objective of COP4HL was to develop open access resources for the initiation and running of local communities of practice. This led to the development of the Social Innovation Learning Space Yanuz.

Yanuz is an open resource available for anybody seeking to build and exchange experiences, and to expand their knowledge on how to co-create innovative solutions concerning the complex societal challenges we face today.

The Social Innovation Learning Space is a purpose-oriented platform that embraces the diversity and mutual learning opportunities of the variety of stakeholders involved towards establishing a more engaged, sustainable and healthy society. Yanuz acknowledges the importance of international alignment but the need to implement action into practice at local level.



The complexity-oriented learning space offers applied tools, guiding principles and field-tested practices, together with consulting and training opportunities. It provides community to build and share experiences and an access point towards trusted collaboration and reliable partnerships. A unique feature of Yanuz is its specific focus on the role of education in the process towards social change.

The emergent character and singularity of communities of practice declares that their establishment and running follows a rather open, non-linear and individually tailored approach. Therefore, a manual with a clear formula and steps of implementation are impossible to identify. At the same time, however, such recipe book for communities of practice is likely expected and often asked for by newcomers.

In order to serve both the practical need and theoretical demand of support, a hybrid of guiding questions towards establishing and running communities of practice has been developed. In which the guiding questions basically accompany a local community of practice initiator or facilitator from the initiation and incubation of a local community of practice, towards maturing, sustaining, and boosting the local community of practice to its possible phaseout.



Follow => www.yanuz.eu to foster your very own social innovation partnership towards a more healthy society. Use practical resources and enjoy an active and open learning environment and a sustainable network of like-minded innovators towards more healthy communities. Join our regular - online and offline - meetings, workshops and trainings.

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