Healthy Lifestyle Education Module

The COP4HL education module consists of two overall subjects:
  1. What is a Community Based Intervention and
  2. How to assess a Community Based Intervention?
The component will teach students the approach of Community Based Intervention (CBI), which is a research methodology that requires participation by a community – who are not necessarily scientists – in scientific projects.
The approach focuses on sharing knowledge and know-how (practices and/or experiences) within a community. Here, the sharing of knowledge and know-how is used to address health challenges faced individually or collectively. This is relevant because of the challenges that we are facing within the field of healthy lifestyle all over the world, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, etc.
The applied approach is characterized by the involvement of several stakeholders in the broader sense – citizens, universities, businesses and public authorities from both the health, sport, education, and wellness areas.
There is generally great interest in increasing community participation in scientific projects, in order to derive research, societal, educational, social benefits etc. By adding this component to an existing curriculum, it enables the students to learn and understand what Community Based Interventions (CBI) are, and how it can contribute to science.
Thereby, students will be able to recognize and seek these communities and to strengthen their further work.  

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